Mission statement of ELRAM's Papillons & Phalènes Switzerland

For 18 years now I breed the breed Papillon, since 2009 - so for 10 years - also the Phalène. 7 years ago, my daughter Celina, who had already gained experience in dog sport agility and junior handling, joined the team.
With heart and soul we dedicate ourselves to our hobby, the breed of the breed dog Papillon & Phalène, have even made this partially our profession. Celina is a trained animal keeper and groomer. Together we have the groomer / shop ELRAM's Dog World in Winterthur.
A very important point for us is health, both medically and behaviorally. How to get ...


only animals in our breeding, which (clinically) examined (PL and PRA) and by means of genetic tests (PRA-1_pap / NAD / VWD) are proven free tested, so only really healthy breeding animals are used in the breed. Likewise, impeccable behavior is important to us. And not only the learned (trained) behavior, but above all, the genetic nature, which is inherited the puppy. Another issue is compliance with the standard to a great extent. Together we visit exhibitions all over the world, both of us are FCI beauty judges of several races, and more are coming along. Therefore, we attach great importance to the appearance of our breeding animals. But - it is the same with our dogs as it is with us humans - some just do not feel like exhibitions. And the top priority for us is the fun. Therefore, not all of our breeding stock breeding animals are champions. Because sometimes it is precisely the not multiple award-winning breeding animals that are particularly valuable in breeding. If it turns out that one of the breeding animals inherits faults or characteristics (behaviorally), we take this unconditionally from the breed and look for a nice place to live. Because our mission statement is:

Breeding does not just mean "making puppies" - breeding is a philosophy!

Gabi Feldmann, April 2019

Mission statement of ELRAM's Papillons & Phalènes Switzerland